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Jason Chakravarty

Based in both Illinois and Southern California, Jason Chakravarty creates mixed-media objects that explore questions of identity. Illumination is a key component of his work, most commonly in the form of...

Keith Clayton

Keith Clayton was raised outside Philadelphia in the Bucks County area. Born in 1964 his father was a child psychologist  which he credits for his level of sanity-often using the phrase-“I saw a shrink everyday of my life.” He was introduced to glass at...

Daniel Gaumer

Daniel Gaumer was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and studied at the Philadelphia College of Art. His glass has been featured in gallery exhibitions nationwide at places such as...

Eoin Breadon

With my current body of work, I am working in the tradition of the seancha­, transmitting the cultural experience of Irish folklore to the greater populace. Much like the shift from...

Rueben Fasani

He was born in Argentina in 1960. He studied at the National School of Ceramics, getting a degree  of Artistic Ceramics    Technician. In 1991 he travelled around Japan and Europe for six months...

Jacob Stout

Using techniques perfected in Venice 500 years ago, I enjoy applying these skills to modern glass design. All of my work begins from the raw ingredients, silica, soda and...

Kenny Pieper


Pablo De Soto

Pablo Soto was born a natural talent whose aesthetic is rooted in form and function. He believes this stems from his family, all of whom are potters and artists. Soto constantly learned from...

Richard Parish

"My glasswork explores texture and pattern, transparency and opacity, and depth in glass. My training and experience as an architect strongly...

David Patchen


           David'swork will be arriving shortly.






Steve Immerman

           Steve Immerman's work is extremely precise. He allows certain areas to convey the fluidity of glass juxtaposed

           against rigid lines. They are true landscapes honed in glass.


Angelo Fico

I make hand blown glass using traditional Venetian glassblowing techniques involving patterns of colored glass rods. These rods are arranged on a steel plate and then fused together. In the blowing process, the pattern is transformed from simple lines to flowing ripples of color.  


William Zweifel

Tranquility as produced by the gentle movement of a line calls to mind memories of spring breezes and summer shadows. It is this same feeling, this calmness, that I seek to recreate in glass. Shape, and structure used to...

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